Instagram series: introduction

The things I love about Instagram many and there also are many things I want to tell you about it and some tips I learnt along the way. I’m not an expert and you don’t have to expect to find, in these series of posts, some secrets about my beloved social media, mostly because I don’t have any.

I’ve been wanting to talk about how I use Instagram, what I love about it, how I take my pictures, ecc… for a very long time, but to do that, I need to sit down at my desk and make some sort of plan: there are too many things I want to talk about to just start to write a single post. I think they will be four for now, plus, if you have any questions I will do a sort of Q&A or I will add some blog posts.

To have a general idea of what to expect from this series, here’s an index, kind of:
– Introduction
– How I take and edit my pictures
– What I share on IG
– Why I love IG

I started to use Instagram at the beginning of 2012, I didn’t have a phone that could have this app on it, so I was using my boyfriend’s tablet. I also hadn’t start my business yet, I was just playing around with a lot of crafts and I didn’t have a clue on what I was doing. The pictures were so edited and full of effects, I think that my favorite was earlybird with the Polaroid-look-alike frame.

It was awful, this picture had everything wrong: light, focus, background, everything. There were many pictures like this one at the beginning and even if I’m a ashamed of them, I don’t want to delete them, they remind me how much I got better, they show so many kind memories to me.

I also had a phase where I drew little “animals” over the pictures, I was having so much fun and I also made amigurumi version of them. One of my favourite was Pionono: an alien who was afraid of the Space and the dark.

Taking pictures for Instagram also helped me a lot to want to take better pictures and to learn new skills. I always loved photography, I think I already told you that I started to take pictures when I was 14 and I never stopped. One of the things that make me love my job even more is that it made me a better photographer and I hope to be better and better over the years. As for my knitting skills: I always want to learn new things. Lately I learnt to not put myself in a single box: I’m not just a knitter or a photographer, I love too much learning new thing and getting better and the ones that I love, I want to call myself a creative, my mind never stops. Ok, now I’m completely out of topic and I have to stop myself. See you on Saturday for a book review and next week for the second post of my Instagram related series.

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