If you fall down, you can learn something

The other week a couple of things happened that weren’t good news for my work. Nothing major, but they weren’t good news either. I acknowledged them, I was relatively sad for a couple of minutes and then I went on with my day and tasks.

After a few hours it hit me how I responded to them. I thought that until a couple of years ago, no, until last year I would be sad for days, my mood would have been horrible and I would have questioned my work. This time, instead, I responded in a constructive way, at least from my point of view.


The first bad news was that the designs I submitted for a project weren’t accepted. I also know why: I didn’t work at my very best. Yes, I invested time and energies, but I wasn’t satisfied 100% about my projects and I know I could have worked better.
So, instead of making myself miserable, as I would have done two years ago, I told myself “you will do better next time”.

The other bad news was something similar. In the end I made a couple of new products that I’m really happy about, I pushed myself a little and I came up with something new that I’m proud of. Even this time I didn’t put myself down, but I was happy about what I created and I already thought about how to improve this aspect for the next opportunity similar to this one.

I don’t know if this post makes any sense to you, but I wanted to write down how I feel about this thing, how proud of how I responded to these bad news I am and I can totally say that I learnt from my errors.

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