Finding Inspiration

It happens to everyone: one day you wake up and you can’t find any creative inspiration.
My work is about two things: making with my hands and creating with my mind.

finding inspiration.jpg

Sometimes It happens that my mind isn’t in the right place and I can’t write a single word for the life of me. I can’t concentrate, so I go to browse one of my favourite websites: Airbnb (I look up random places, I search for the next next next vacation, I dream about a weekend spent in a Scottish castle or a month going up and down the roads, living in a van).
Other times I also add furniture I would love for my home, I think about renovations I don’t have the money to make, and Pinterest doesn’t help my need for concentration.

I tell myself that I need to finish to knit a garment, so I knit a couple of rows, but in the middle of the third row, I abandon my needles to search something else. Without even realizing it, the morning is gone.

As I’m typing this post down, it’s the afternoon of one of those days. This morning I tried to find some concentration in a cup of delicious green tea with mint: no result, and my random web searches were stacking up in my computer chronology.
I made myself lunch, I fed my guinea pigs and I made some coffee. I sat outside and tried to focus on what was wrong. The immediate response was “nothing”, so I opened the Spring/Summer edition of 91Magazine (by the way, it’s absolutely gorgeous as always), I read a couple of articles and it hit me: I needed to find some beauty in what I had to do.


I took outside my old, ruined and wobbly wooden little table, I cleaned it, I placed the computer on it, I poured a glass of fresh water and I started to write. I also did another frivolous thing: I put on my favourite Summer skirt and a smile was already on my face.
It’s an hour later now and this is the third post I write, the water is gone (I need to pour myself another glass) and I’m quite satisfied with my self.
It’s a pretty small thing, but some fresh air, the smell of cut grass around me, the sun that comes and goes, the wind that comes and goes, are all the small things that helped me to find some inspiration to get the work done.

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