Capsule Wardrobe and Wide Leg Pants

Having a sort of capsule wardrobe, I had to learn the right way to love some of my clothes. When three years ago I bought my wide leg blue pants from Cos (similar to these ones) I wasn’t 100% sure about them. I bought them because they were on sale and I wanted to try out this kind of wide legs pants.

That Summer I wore them a few times, but every time I wasn’t feeling them. I wasn’t sure. But I kept them, I knew they were right for me: blue is the colour of most of my clothes, they were perfect for the Summer time, being light and comfortable.

un peu sauvage

Last year I started to understand them, but this is the year I finally feel great wearing them (by the way, I don’t care if you don’t like this style or if you think I’m hideous). Comfort is one of the things that I always look for in my clothes. Here in Italy Summer can be really really hot and I’m not the greatest person with hot weather.
I sweat and I suffer of low blood pressure. I need to be comfortable, I need to be able to do my walks without melting away, but I also want to feel good wearing something, I can’t just put on a super large top and linen pants with no form. This year I finally understood how perfect these pants are for me. Plus, they are gorgeous with my beloved Clogs.

If I had more clothes I’d probably never were these, because I would always go for something else, something more immediate for me to understand and to see myself wearing it.

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