Little Travel Journal – Meran October 2017 – Day 1

Saturday 30th

Maybe you will think this is silly, but the major problem about this little travel will be to stay away for some time from C. When we first started dating we were living in two different cities, a couple of hours away, and we were able to see each other on weekends and holidays. So I should be used to not have him around, well no I’m not. Plus he is an amazing buffer between me and my anxieties.

Today was a day dedicated to travel, a little walk to buy some foods and now I’m  spending my evening between some knitting and a series. I have a book to finish, but I’m starting to think that it isn’t the right book to read these days and I know this from a simple fact: I almost never want to open it and read it. It’s a good book, I like it, but I have no desire for it right now.

Tomorrow I hope to stay out all day and to see some beautiful autumnal colours.

Sorry if this post has some errors, I’m without my usual editor 🙂

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