The Simple Fall Collection – How it started

The road to The Simple Fall Collection hasn’t been too long, but quite accidental and full of research.

Better to start from the beginning.

Retrosaria (2).jpg

At the end of July I’ve started to think about future projects for Autumn and Winter.
Since I’ve started to make more sweaters and to work with more sustainable materials, my way to create my products has changed.
I’ve never really made a collection in fashion terms. Especially with sweaters, it happened that I wanted to create something new, I had an idea, I researched the materials and I made the garment.
Or, if it was a collaboration with a yarn brand, they suggested the yarn and I came up with a design.

This time around I wasn’t planning on a collection, but I wanted to try some new yarns.
After some research, I landed on Retrosaria Rosa Pomar, I had known about this brand for some time, I already used their cotton for an order, but I had never tried their woollen yarns.

So I studied, I thought about the rough ideas I had in mind for the new designs and I ordered some yarns to test and some colour cards.

The next step was to make different swatches and samples to test the different yarns and how they would have worked with the different stitches.
I wanted to stay simple, create something basic, but still with some special elements in it.

I came up with 3 projects: one using Vovò for a sweater that would have used a simple cable work that I once used for the Autumn Goals Socks.
Another one was split in two versions: the first one using my all time favourite yarn from De Rerum Natura, Ulysse. It’s a sweater that I made in April and I’m still loving it.
The second version would have been a similar sweater, but longer and using Brusca.

Then I decided to sort out the mess that is my yarn stash and some very good findings came out from that. I started to play around with a yarn from Biches & Buches (I bought it 2 years ago) and some kid mohair (no longer available) and I fell in love with the result.

After some more research for yarns to use, other projects came to mind, but this time I wanted to make some accessories.

I’ve been thinking about the shop and the fact that, during the last two years, I neglected the accessories a bit ( I was so caught up in learning how to make, and then making, sweaters).
So I thought about the products that I sell the most and started from there.

I wanted to use some yarns that I had in my stash and some new ones and a The Simple Fall Collection was born.

In the next blog post I will show you the collection and the materials I’ve used, but if you want to be the first to know all about it, you can subscribe to my newsletter.

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