Sustainable diary episode 1

Once upon a time, I kept a blog where I shared my journey in slow fashion. I started to really dig into slow and sustainable fashion when I started to knit sweaters both for me and even more when I started to sell them.  The story behind my knitted sweaters is long and for another time, but my interest in slow fashion is still very important to me, even if I stopped talking about it on my blog and also on Instagram for the most part.

At the start of my sustainable journey, I’ve made a very common style decision: I wanted basic pieces that I could mix and match with each other, so, for the most part, I left behind colours. But my soul is made of autumn colours and now, years later, I know that my style will change with time. I still don’t want to have a huge wardrobe with tons of clothes, but I also want to feel good in what I wear. At the end of the day, fashion for me is something that makes me feel good when I wear it and that will last for some years.

So I started to look more into second-hand and vintage pieces and today I want to share with you what I’ve been loving this Autumn/Winter.



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