Free pattern: Simple Fall Beanie

From the end of November, the desire to create patterns has returned with a loud voice. In the last week I started a scarf, bought some wool that I had wanted to try for at least two years; I started and finished a hat and within two nights I had a new idea and the other night I worked on it until 11.30 pm, but now that project is already washed and waiting to dry and to see the post-blocking result.

The hat started and finished in a day is a slightly modified version of the Simple Fall hat that I have been making for the shop for the past 3 years. I’ve happened to make it in different materials, but I like the combination used this time and I decided to give you a gift, so here is the pattern to make it.
The yarn I wanted to try was Plötulopi, an unspun yarn from Iceland and I’ve used it with silk mohair for this hat and it will be the same combination of yarns also for a future project.

↟ Difficulty level: intermediate.
The work is done in the round with circular needles, if you have already made other beanies it will be very simple; if, on the other hand, you are at your first hat, it could be an interesting attempt. However, you will find useful links for some techniques.
In terms of construction and stitches, it is very similar to the Puffy hat (of which you can find the free pattern on Ravelry).
You can change the number of stitches to cast on at the beginning to obtain the circumference that is right for you, the important thing is that the number is even, and keep in mind that the numbers for the final decreases will be different.

↟ Materials:
Plötulopi 20g (100% Unspun wool, 100 g, 300 m), in the colour 2024
Silk Mohair Isager 10g (75% kid mohair 25% silk, 25 g, 212 m), in the colour 03
4.5 mm/ US 7/ UK 7 circular needles or double-pointed needles for the brim
5.00 mm / US 8 / UK 6 circular needles or double-pointed needles for the hat
6 markers

If you want the free PDF version you can find it in my shop.

↟ Gauge:
15 st x 22 rows with 5.00 mm needles worked in 1k1p rib (after blocking)

↟ Measures:
circumference 46 cm, length 29 cm, after blocking

↟ Legend:
k: knit
p: purl
st: stitch
sts: stitches
rib: ribbing
k2tog: knit 2 stitches together
sl: slip

↟ Instructions
With 4.5 mm needles using the tubular method, cast on 72 sts.
Continue to work the set up rows with 4.5 mm needles.

↟ Brim
Start to work in the round and place a marker. Always with the smaller needles work in rib k1p1 for 6 cm.

↟ Hat
Change to 5.00 mm needles and continue to work in rib k1p1 until the hat measures 22 cm from the start.

↟ Decreases
move the start of the round marker to 1 st, so the next round will start with a purl st.
[Continue to work following the rib pattern (but starting with p1k1) for 12 sts, place a marker]. Repeat [ ] until the end of the round. You will have 6 markers counting also the start of the round marker.
Round 1: [p1k1 until 2 sts before the next marker, k2tog]. Repeat [ ] until the end of the round.
Round 2: [p1k1 until 1 st before the next marker, sl 1 st with yarn in the back]. Repeat [ ] until the end of the round.
Repeat these two rounds until you have 36 sts on the needles.

Keeping 15 cm of yarn, cut the yarn and close the beanie.
Hand wash and block the hat before you use it.

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