Letter n.17

Maybe I should name this letter Letter n.01 since it’s the first one I write here with a sort of real intention.
I know that for quite a while my newsletter has been sent to you in Italian, but I’ve been trying for months to simplify my life, and sending my newsletter only in my language has been one choice.
I’m sorry if this has upset you, but from this month, I want to try to translate the more interesting section of the letter and put it here, so you can read it too.

At the end of February, I will host a knitting workshop, it will be in Italy, of course, so I won’t annoy you with the details, but maybe this part can interest you.

I want to talk to you more specifically about this workshop. First of all, you must know that years ago I said yes to many more workshops and also markets, but that’s another story. Over the years my anxiety started to take over and one aspect that struck me very deeply is precisely that related to my work and my ability to teach it to others. Or rather, to my belief that I’m not capable of it and a whole series of reasoning too convoluted to repeat to anyone other than my psychologist.

When I received the proposal to teach a knitting course last autumn, there were many thoughts, but in the end, I accepted. Since this first workshop means a lot to me, I thought of something special. It’s all about how to make a knitted acorn. Since last year, acorns have been a product that I have included in the shop and which for me express all my immense love for autumn, even when it is winter outside or when it is too hot, in fact, I always say that I am part of the #teamautumnallyear.

Since I started making these acorns, first brooches and then used as decorations for the house, I’ve had some requests for the pattern. I thought about it a lot and decided that I want to keep something special so the pattern for the acorns won’t be for sale, but you can get it by participating in one of my workshops. On that occasion, I’ll show you firsthand how I make them, some secrets and the great thing is that, if we don’t get lost in a thousand chats, at the end of the workshop you’ll have an acorn ready to be used as a brooch or to be used around the home.

Who knows, maybe one day I will teach a workshop in some places outside of Italy, I would really really love that challenge!

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