Letter n.20, May 2023

Diary of calm and behind the scenes of a simple life as an artisan.
May 2023
Letter n.20


  1. changes
  2. new products


In the last period I have started to reflect a lot on the direction I would like to take my business and in this May letter I would like to start talking to you about it.

I started from what I would like not to stay.

I’ve started making some decisions, like drastically reducing the number of sweaters I work on during the year. I want to tell you all the reasons for my decision, but at the top of the list is a practical reason. My hands have to take more time to knit and more slowly: if before I could make a sweater in 3 weeks, working many hours a day, now I can’t anymore. And I love my hands, they are the means I have to express my creativity, my being, so it’s time I really take care of them and really slow down the pace. Orders to have a sweater made by me will not go away , but places will be very very limited during the year. I really hope you will understand this first reason.

Among the changes, however, there are also aspects that I would not like to change.

Surely colors are one of them, I recently found them and I don’t want to lose them for the world. Like pins, whether they’re acorns, mushrooms or something new, it makes no difference, I like creating these little treasures.

New products

From the moment I began to clarify what I no longer wanted to stay, I began to have space to dedicate to new ideas, space to experiment, space to make mistakes.

My mind was free to devote even to those ideas that had remained in the drawer for years, not yet well developed, but in search of expression.

I’ve been wanting to create something LGBTQIA+ themed for a few years now because it’s a theme I care a lot about, but every time I ended up putting it off (say hello to my perfectionism too, which causes many of my problems), instead this year I gave myself the time to make mistakes and find the right way.

So here you go, the pins and necklaces inspired by some of the LGBTQIA+ flags.
I hope to be able to officially reopen my shop also for orders outside Italy very soon, in the meantime you can write me an email to purchase them, here I will try to give you a summary of the most important features.

  • handmade with 100% cotton yarn
  • you can choose whether to buy them as a pins or as a necklace (the necklace is made of stainless steel, 60 cm long with a hook to adjust the length)

Always inspired by some of the LBGTQIA+ flags, you can also find i cordoncini (in English you can translate it with strings I think)

  • handmade with 100% cotton yarn
  • they have a length between 70 and 80 cm
  • you can use them as necklaces or as bracelets

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