Slow Monday Coffee

I’d like to go back to a habit I started years ago, circa 2017 (I know the date because I found one of the original posts, I think).
I shared a photo starring a cup of coffee, but tea, chocolate, or water could also be fine. The aim was to remind me to take at least 5 minutes for myself on a day generally considered difficult and where people tend to be in a hurry: Mondays.

I shared this little moment of slowness for me, but also to remind those who came across my picture and perhaps needed to be reminded of it.

For me it was also an exercise in daily slowness, where the focus was not on a product, but something that brings me joy, the simple one, like realizing how nice it is to warm your hands with a cup of hot tea in the cold months or how much a glass of ice water can be pleasant when the heat takes over.
I would like to use this moment to practice seeing the beauty in the little things again and also to share with you the shots of other photographers that I usually find on Unsplash.

I’d like to start sharing these moments with you again, I also like to see it as a way to have a safe date with a few moments of calm.
Surely you will be able to see the slow coffee Mondays on my Telegram channel (it’s only in Italian though), but maybe also on my Instagram stories.

This week’s photo was taken by me at Nepà in Milan.

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