Letter n.21, June 2023

Diary of calm and behind the scenes of a simple life as an artisan.
June 2023
Letter n.21


  1. back to blogging
  2. new products
Back to blogging

Since I wrote and sent the May letter, I’ve returned to blogging and you can already find 3 articles to read.

As I wrote to you in the previous letter, I don’t want to make big resolutions and rants, but I want to better impress an idea on myself: I’m going back to the blog because it’s a space of my own, from which no one will be able to send me away (yes I’m referring to Instagram) and it’s also a space where I feel free to talk about all those things that are close to my heart or that I simply like. The blog is that place where I can write about a theme for pages and the next week if I run out of words, I can simply show you the photos taken during a walk.

Here, there is actually a small purpose: I would like to be able to publish one post a week, so that you know that at least one day a week I get to tell you something.

New products

There are new things that I have tried in these last months of reflecting on my work and that I really like doing. These are pins and necklaces.

First of all, those with an LGBTQIA+ theme were born, I really like both the Cordoncini and the Tavolozze for different reasons.

I like Cordoncini for their versatility, from necklaces to bracelets, and for their lightness, perfect for the warm months.

Of the Tavolozze, on the other hand, I adore their workmanship: I like to find combinations of colors that seem to me to express an idea or I simply like to combine certain colors.

Starting from the manufacturing of the Tavolozze, I moved on to necklaces made in the same way but combining thicker yarns, more decisive fringes, and also inserting other elements such as the key charms and ceramic buttons by Maruska.

I am also very amused by these necklaces and it seems to me that there is room for almost infinite combinations.

Small spoiler: soon I will receive other ceramic buttons with flower impressions that are pure beauty and I’m also waiting for an order of new colored cottons.

Can’t wait to create some new stuff.

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