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Substack, trying something new

I’ve open my Substack one eyer ago, it was something new and it seems very interesting. In my ideal plans, I should have worked on it and launched it by September 2022, but here we are, in July 2023, and still nothing.

During this year I used Subastck, but only as a reader and it has only been a couple of months that I really started to enjoy and love more this platform. I started to really think about it for me and what I could use it for. Last year I was thinking of simply using it for my monthly newsletter, the letter I write once a month, and where I talk about my work. But in the last months, I started to make a revolution in my work and this act of rebellion started a domino effect on other aspects of my creative life.

So, why am I here today? Because I want to give you a heads up that my English blog from today will be on Substack: I will send my weekly posts via email and it will remain also as a blog post. It’s an experiment, I would like to add some paid features in the future, but for now, this is it: a weekly letter from me, Giulia, to you, completely free. You can expect all the things I share here: from my creative journey to my photography post to my reflections (a sort of diary maybe?).

I hope you will like this idea and that you still want to follow me on this journey.


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