Instagram Series: some considerations

I did it: I started and finished a series, yehh. You may think that this is a small thing and nothing major, but for me, as I usually am really good at starting something without ever finishing it, this last post is something big. In the future I think i will do more posts like these, just not every week.

If you have any question about Instagram, how I take my pictures, photo props, eccetera, don’t hesitate to ask.

Now it’s time I talk about the big news concerning our beloved social media: the chronological order. I can’t say I’m a fan of this change, I like the way Instagram is right now, I like to head to my feed and see what’s new, right now. I follow many people and of course I don’t see every single post, but if I’m curious about a single account I go there and I can see all the pictures I want. You can sign this petitionKeep Instagram Chronological, or you can post something directly through Instagram using one of  your pictures or reposting something from another user. That being said, I will continue to use it and see how this new change will affect this medium.

If you are an image addict like me, you can try these other platforms:
the good old Tumblr: years ago it changed my way to blog and to think about photography and it’s a huge inspiration for me
Steller: the app is just for iOS right now, sorry.
Ello: I’m quite new to this social network, I heard about it last year, but I just started playing with it some days ago.
You can find me as @unpeusauvage.

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