Little Travel Journal – Meran October 2017 – Day 2

Meran – October 2017 from Giulia Bertelli on Vimeo.

So, today was my kind of beautiful day in terms of weather. It was a bit chilly, but not too much; it was pouring rain and I loved every single drops. We take a walk along a beautiful path between trees, fog, amazing autumnal colours; then along the river.

I ate a great warm pumpkin soup (one of my favourite meal for thisntime of the year) and drank a good not filtered beer.

Then it was time for another walk in the rain and with a cup of coffee at the end.

I’ve took so many pictures and little videos and my evening went by with me trying to edit the video. I knowmit has so many problems and errors, but the sound ofnthe rain was so lovely! I hope you enjoyed it. The pictures will arrive, with time and on my portfolio. From this day 2 it’s everything, now it’s time for some knitting and reading.

Have a good night!

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