This past weekend C. and me were talking about lots of things, among other things we were talking about influencers, content creators, Instagram and things like these. 
Then, the morning after, I posted a picture and I received a couple of comments that made me smile all day. They were saying that my pictures spread a sense of calmness and quiet time. I've already received this kind of comments and every time they make me smile and be proud of what I'm doing. Slow living and calmness are two things very important for me and are something that I'm very happy to spread. If with one of my pictures I can make you feel more calm, even for five minutes a day, I'm ok for the day, my job is done.



After a busy afternoon where C. was taking apart some very old and stubborn piece of furniture, we went to our Chinese take away, to breath some fresh air and to relax a bit. We were walking back home and I started to talk about this picture and the lovely comments and I was joking about how cool it would be if I could become an influencer of calm and slow time. C, always joking, called me "calmfluencer" and, after the first laugh, I found that definition really appropriate and great and I decided to insert it in my Instagram bio. 

Giulia Bertelli