Christmas Decorative Pumpkins



Decorative pumpkins for indoors. I am a great lover of everything synonymous with autumn. The pumpkins are part of this great love, which I propose here in a soft dress made of wool and soft padding. They are all handmade by me in crochet and are all slightly different from each other, like real pumpkins.

Small (piccola): diameter 9 cm, height 8 cm
Medium (media): diameter varies between 11-13cm, height varies between 9-10cm
Large (grande): diameter between 15-17cm, height 10cm

Soft pillow stuffing.
Exterior: depending on the color, the pumpkins can be made with different types of wool. For the white ones I used recycled wool and I don’t have the composition tag, but to the touch, I can say that there is at least a percentage of acrylic.

I remind you that each screen is different and the colors may be slightly different from those you see in the photos.
Each of my products is handcrafted by me, so there may be small differences from the original seen in the photo.


Bianco, Bordeaux, Ruggine Scuro, Naturale, Cipria, Rosso Scuro, Verdone


Piccola, Media, Grande