Calmfluencer: work and the importance of breaks

This past week has started with me sort of panicking for how many things I have to do in the next few weeks and it is ending with me sort of relaxing and taking it slow.

I spent Monday and Tuesday working a lot, also in the evening, for the fear of not finish all the projects I have on my to do list. If I stop and analyse what I need to do, I know I can do all the tasks I planned, but then I go into panic mode and all the rationality is gone from my brain.

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By Wednesday I finished a couple of projects I had on the needles so I started to feel better. But the best thing I did for my brain and work was on Thursday morning. I was supposed to go out just an hour with my cousin to take a coffee and see the outside world. Then things happened and I stayed out almost all morning. I had a great coffee at the new Starbucks Reserve in Milan, then I went to my favourite library and found a book I can’t wait to read during the weekend. When I got home I was feeling inspired, like I wasn’t for months, and I took some pictures, maybe I will use them, maybe not, but it was so good to feel inspired again.

Then, I spent all evening in the studio, reading, listening some music and simply enjoying the moment.


I have to admit that I had a bad night, I wasn’t able to fall asleep (something that it’s really unusual for me) and in the morning I was awake really early. I was able to stay concentrate and positive all day, but again, around 5 p.m., I felt the anxiety coming back, so I stopped what I was doing and I started to write this blog post. I also have a sort of plan for the evening and the weekend. I want to put aside all of my current projects and I want to start something that I need to work on anyway, but that maybe it will be quicker than a sweater. Plus, I want to read more, I have some good books that are waiting for me and I just want to read them. Let’s see if I’m able to stay positive and not anxious.

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