Summer News

Keep it simple is something that I always go back to when I feel that something isn’t right.
This time it’s not entirely like this, but it goes near it.

Burcina (6).jpg

Let me explain.
In the next couple of months things will change a bit around Un Peu Sausage.
I want to take a step further in the knit design aspect. This means learning new things, there is so much I still want to learn about this craft and how I can be a better knit designer. It also means that I want to make less but better written patterns. Almost all the products for the knitwear shop will be made to order; they will also be more particular and I want them made with the best materials (this means more attention than ever to sustainability).

This won’t change in a day, I still have some yarns in my stash that are great materials, just not eco friendly. Of course I don’t want them to go to waste.
Some designs might be put on hold, until I will be able to find a sustainable alternative to make them (maybe they will never return to the shop).
I will not make a summer sale, but with the autumn some prices will be adjusted to the real work I put on the hand making and some products will be put on hold or rest.

One other change I want to make is about the shop: until now I almost always had an Etsy shop, sometimes along with a personal shop. Along the years this platform got worse and worse, and, in the last months, all the traffic I had on that shop was brought by me. So, I’ve finally decided to close it or, at least, put it on hold for a while and see what will happen.

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