Collaboration with Wildling Shoes

Gifted shoes from Wildling Shoes

I enjoy very much when a collaboration gives me the opportunity to take my time and to try new things for a picture. I wanted to take some pictures inside, more involved with my work and my daily life. But the first attempt haven’t satisfy me at 100%.

I’ve tried these shoes walking around the city and they are so comfortable. I always have problems with shoes, so I was a bit sceptical, but I wanted to try them since I like very much the philosophy behind Wilding Shoes and how these shoes are made. Plus, if it was just for me, I would always go around barefoot, so, they fit perfectly with my ideal shoes. And they are! So I wanted to take some better pictures, some pictures that would translate in images my thoughts about these shoes, so here’s the second attempt.

The last gallery is about using the shoes outside, in nature, there they really can show their potential. I went near my hometown, in a parc (Parco Burcina) that I always enjoy very much.

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