Selfish knitting, part 2

You know that more than a month ago I was doing some selfish knitting? It was going well, until I’ve run out of yarn.

Lanes (2).jpg

Then I’ve casted on another sort of selfish piece and again, I’ve run out of yarn, plus, this colour was out of stock (while I’m writing this it still is). Since it’s the same yarn, just 2 different colours, I wanted to wait that the second one was available again to purchase them together.

Then I’ve started to think about my shop and that I want to sell products with more sustainable materials and cotton isn’t one of them. So I’ve decided to cast off one of the projects and to use that yarn to make just one selfish knit project.

And in the end I like the result very much.

The pattern: Lanes
Designer Joji Locatelli for Laine Magazine issue 1.

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Selfish knitting part 2

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