Ideas on art and weavings

One of the thoughts that often in the past stopped me from creating something new, something that wasn’t clothing or an accessory, is:

this won’t help anyone

as if not being “useful” or “practical” was a flaw and an excuse not to make it.

I for one enjoy creating certain pieces, as I enjoy having photographs and illustrations, or other types of art, at home. This reasoning is above all directed to the weavings (works that I create with looms) that I made years ago.

During this period of crisis and questions, I also want to try new techniques, many out of personal curiosity, not necessarily from a sales perspective.

I’m really feeling a lot of joy in creating new weavings, it’s the moment when I completely free my mind and let myself be guided only by colors and yarns.
Very often, when I start working on a new piece, I don’t have a plan, I’m sure it will hurt for someone, but I like having complete freedom in creating, just wanting to use a few yarns or a color palette.

However, I believe that the reasoning must be different: I want to create because I feel the need to because in this case, I like to combine colors, yarns, and knots; once I’ve finished a piece and decided to part with it, it’s no longer my job to ask myself if it’s “useful enough” or “nice enough”, they are two concepts that have nothing to do with each other or better, these are two questions that it is not right for me to ask myself.

As I am often told in therapy, I cannot know the other person’s reaction or thoughts, and I think I can apply this concept here as well.

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