Take a break – Slow Living in a City

When my brain and my head can’t go any further, I take 10/15 minutes and sit outside on my balcony. A cup of tea or coffee, some paper, a letter to write (this one is for a lovely patron) and I give my mind the space it needs.


Sometimes I feel the need to just walk, maybe to a park or around the city, always with a book in my bag, you never know when you will feel the need to open a book and read a few pages.

un peu sauvage

Of course, if you are living my ideal life, you live near the woods and you can take your break walking around the trees, looking for some plant that you can use in the kitchen later.
But my reality is a city, so I have to work with what I have around me and my favourite spot to relax is my home. I’ve created different cosy corners: the balcony, the bedroom filled with white elements and a touch of green, the desk between windows to look outside, and so on. Maybe you can put all of this under one word: hygge.
I’m not sure, I didn’t read the book this Winter, but I know that I like to be comfortable in my surroundings, living with intention and in general with mindfulness.

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