Mindful Instagram

“I was talking about this subject yesterday under a photo on my second account: I’m feeling like this space has lost something. Right now I’m not talking about IG and the bigger picture, I’m talking about what I’m saying with my pictures. I know this account is about my business and my love for knitting, but since around February, I’ve been feeling a bit lost around here. Sorry for this rumbling post, the topic is long and maybe it would be best to explain it on a blog post, but maybe you know what I’m talking about”.


So here I am, writing a blog post about it, well, trying to understand what I think and what I want to write.
First of all: the beautiful thing from this morning’s post are all the responses I’ve received. Some people are thinking the same as me, some people made me think about this space, my blog, that I’ve hide for some months now because I didn’t know what its purpose was and how to handle it.

Slow Travel_Amsterdam (16).jpg

The bigger point of my reflection is that I’ve been missing some aspects of the old Instagram, but more precisely, about me and what I was sharing back then.
Of course my main subject is knitting and yarn, but I also have other interests. They are not so many, but like reading and slow living, are pretty big for me (I should also write another post about reading and how it’s changing my habits lately).


At this moment I have no idea if I will combine everything in one Instagram account (right now I also have this one that I like to have as a more free space) or if I will keep things separate and use more the blog. I also like to have the option to change my mind, these are my spaces and I can do what feels right for me.

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