Two Wisteria Trees

Yesterday I went back to photograph two wisteria trees. One, more modest, is behind a gate, but it shows up anyway. It shields other hidden flowers; they too, when you can see them, you can’t help but admire them.

The second wisteria is cheeky. You don’t see where it has its roots, but you can almost walk around it, to admire it from multiple angles.

I started photographing it from afar, in the background old buildings and a metal barrier in front of it.
I approached slowly, I went around to be able to photograph it from below.

I enjoyed seeing him play with street lamps and advertising signs.

To make him jealous, I entered one of the non-secret secrets of Milan. There the plants played with shadows and remains of walls.
From an old window, however, if you look closely, the cheeky wisteria continues to impose itself.

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