Selfish Knitting

When I knit I’m usually working on a new design or an order.
It’s difficult for me knitting just for fun or without a work related purpose.

Lanes Pattern (5).jpg

For me it’s even more difficult to knit someone else pattern. Not because I don’t like them or I want to knit just my patterns, but because I always end up making changes and new ideas come and I abandon the project to start something new for my shop.

Lanes Pattern (3).jpg

This time I want to knit something I’ve been looking for many many months and I promise I will not make any change.

The pattern I want to make is Lanes design by Joji Locatelli for Laine Magazine issue 1.

Lanes Pattern (1).jpg

I’m using pima cotton and I would like it to be a bit oversized, we’ll see.

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