On the new necklaces

I was photographing another piece of the new necklaces and a reflection was born spontaneously. Maybe these won’t be the definitive necklaces (by the way, when can a creative person say that something is definitive?), maybe they are a step, 1 step, or 10 before finding the combination I like best.
So maybe even my search for a name doesn’t make sense and maybe the most suitable word is STUDIES.

The Studies that you will find in the shop aren’t perfect, they don’t want to be, I want you to see where the thread is knotted so that the work doesn’t come undone, I want you to see the differences that there may be between the various stitches, I want you to see as the material can change over time, it is unthinkable that it will remain the same. Like us, on the other hand, it’s actually just evolving into something else, that’s the beauty of materials like wool, cotton, and linen, in my opinion.

The materials
I’d like to create something with particular materials, with bright and pop colors that maybe I wouldn’t use for sweaters (even if the Enid sweater is a great love of mine in recent months), or yarns that are perhaps more textural or made with fibers such as paper, linen, and metal maybe.
I’m also planning to do a collaboration for these necklaces, it’s going to be something you’ll see in the summer months, but I’m already looking forward to it.

The past
A few examples from the past, around 2012-2013, to remind me that all of today’s ideas already existed, but I needed to follow a path, not only of techniques, but also of color and to learn to play with materials, without being afraid of it.

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